Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Non-Indianization of Indian Education.

This post contains just an example of the title given. Its been a gradual process happening since we got freedom with congress being the catalyst.

Kindly have a look at this pic.

This is a drawing book provided by the government to the primary school students. If you observe carefully at the top (I suggest you download the image and view it in enlarged mode) you would see the following sentence.

Highlight the HUSSAIN in your child with this scientifically graded DRAW & COLOUR series.

It gives me real pain to see such a thing on a growing child's desk. This is the way the kids have been denied the actual truth. Tragedy is that people like M.F. Hussain who draw Indian gods nude, are heroes for us today. What are we trying to tell to our next generation?

I don't need to say more about M.F. Hussain. He is a true MF. You know what MF is. Don't you? Google on him to see some of his idiotic paintings. He's been in India for so long and has been consistently degrading Indian gods, glorifying the muslim tradition making a point that even a least muslim is better than any Hindu. Saddest part is that government is supporting his cause instead of penalizing him. They wanna award him Bharat Ratna?? Irony at its best.

I find his art kinda modern art. just some lines and colour and thats all. no detailed art. He just can't be compared to our very own Raja Ravi Varma or Venkatappa, Vasudeo Pandya to name a few.

Why is such a thing happening? Indian values are constantly being suppressed by the left centred government in the name of secularism. do they really know the meaning of it? For them it is just degrading Indian values and nothing else. Anything Indian, should be banished. Lest, why can't they follow the gurukula system in education which is far better than the ones followed today? I see no fault in that. In fact, gurukula is a better option when compared to any of the other education system which gives importance to each and every pupil's overall growth.

Couldn't they have replaced Raja Ravivarma instead of MF Hussain?

Say what?


BlackThorn said...

Absolutely agree wid ya magaaaaa. Chindi post again. 5/5

That cocksucker Hussein aint just a MF, hez a F of M of M of M of M. In short hez a M raised to n F. He might be a good painter, but if he isn't valuing Indian tradition and Hindu heritage, he doesn't deserve to live on the Indian soil. Let him go to Pakistan or any other mother fucked Islamic country and paint a portrait of himself fuckin his mom. Its indeed sad that the Indian government is patronizing him.

Your post indeed has depth to it. What messages are we conveying to the Indian children? Passively we are imprinting wrong stuff into their tender minds. What else can you expect from a selfish, unintellectual, irresponsible and an ignoble government?

The show of secularism from the Indian government is nothing but plain hypocrisy. Its a charade. Plain travesty. What a shame!

That ancient India where piety, orderliness, respect for the tradition and admiration for the noble, incorporation of the virtues of wisdom and truth were perceived as the essence of being alive, has probably died already! Unfortunate indeed! More saddening is the part that I too am contributing to this charade indirectly in soooooo many ways by being a part of a helpless nation which calls itself a sovereign republic!

Sandesh said...

@Blackthorn - I dunno when you changed from i7 to BlackThorn. Is it again a new processor range from Intel?

In simple math terms, you can say that Hussain is an nth order MF. Simple right?

I don't see him as a good painter either. It seems to me like an art by a kindergarten kid. Let him flee wherever he wants but painting anything against India, wherever he might be is always a sin.

Implanting wrong stuff onto young brains has been done through since Independance. They glorify the Mughal empire in our social science texts, Nizams, Bahamanis et al muslim rules but say the least about our vedas or any scripture related to vedic tradition.

Muslims are mere vote banks for these politicians and they treat 'em like god just for that purpose. Same thing holds good for Christians as well. If you've noticed the pic, the publications what they've printed the text is Holy Faith International. Need more explaination?

They haven't shown any secular movement at all. What they call secularism is plain travesty (of the British) as you say.

Respect your values for the pre-mlecha intrusion India, but I didnt get the part what you said about your contribution to this jeopardy indirectly... kindly explain...

BlackThorn said...

When i say that i'm indirectly responsible, i mean that i havent taken any concrete step to change the politics of India in any way. Being a mute spectator and doing nothing for the country too counts as an irresponsible act. It wuld have been better if youngsters like me culd take a real step against the political situation and bring some positive change no matter how small or how insignificant. This was what I had intended to say.