Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paraq! Bahuparaq!!

Its not uncommon for a person staying just beside NH-7 or what they call 'Bangalore-Bellary Road' or the newly named Airport Road of Bangalore to see the paraqs of the VIPs visiting the city. I stay, say 30 feet beside the infamous NH-7 to witness at least one paraq per day.

Yes! I'm talking about the VIP movement on the Airport Road in Bangalore to and from the terminal. Once any VIP (right from The President of India to Chief Minister of Karnataka, sometimes even some foreign VIP like the queen of some country) comes to the city, the path they take, will be abandoned from other vehicles for their free movement. Its like their time is precious and they can't afford to spend time in traffic jams. They'll have a freeway where they can zip away in no time.

Is time precious only for them? Time is time for all of us.Wasting it is a crime for anyone. Do you think we struggling in traffic jams and them flying in freeways is fair? Don't you feel like even they should suffer as we do? How can they reserve public roads for their purposes?

If they think they get bogged down by the traffic, let them take steps to lessen jams rather allotting a few dozen traffic police personnel for their free movement. 

What is your say?


shande said...

hi sandesh .. i subscribe to your concerns.

regarding NH-7 jams .. i think all VVIPs use HAL airport to land in Bangalore as the old airport is still open for general aviation.

Sandesh said...

@ Shande - Shifting to HAL doesnt seem to solve the problem. It just shifts the problems from NH7 to airport road. My concern here is that even the VVIPs should suffer from jam until they come up with a feasible solution.