Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shawlalli chappali suththkond hodskond prasanga!

Hehe! You guys might be interested lookin at the header!

This is what happened to me last night! I'll brief you through what happened!

After another hectic day @ office, though i had to come to office tomorrow, i was a bit happy that i can enjoy atleast one and a half day of weekend! ( Dunno why we S/W engineers are so despo about Weekends).

Left office at 9. Was walkin lazily towards the bus stand for a 1:30 hrs of journey. A kind driver had stopped on my way (not at bus stop, half way through). As he had stopped, i boarded it just to know that i heads to Maraththalli! I thought, "Okay! Lemme go to Maraththalli and catch another bus to Hebbal". But I dunno what i felt, I got down the next stop (Bellandur) and had a masalpuri. After having it and waiting for another 10 minutes, i got a bus to Hebbal. Boarding that i dint find a seat as usual though the bus was pretty vacant to stand, i stood besides a seat and was waiting for him to get down asap.

Just two seats behind, there was an elderly gentleman, who was acting as if he is going to get down. I was reluctant to get next to him as many were standing next to him. I thought he'll get down at maraththalli and i can grab that seat.

Though i was standing, my eyes were scanning faces of people in the bus looking at their various expressions. I was eagerly waitin to see someone getting down but i saw none.

Now the same gentleman was looking at me. From my experience in travelling in Bus, he was just another person who was getting down in a stop coming next.

Come Maraththalli, he didnt get up. Many stood but, people who were next to him dint get up. I had a strong belief that he was getting the next stop. I went and stood mext to him to my stupidity.

He read my mind i guess. He looked at me.

I hesitantly asked. "Ileetheera??"(Will you get down??)

He said "I get down at K.Narayanapura, where do you get down??"

I continued "Oh Okay!"

Now begins the worst part. He said, "Guess you need a seat. I can stand, you sit" and he was about to get up.

I said "No, you please sit down"

He, "No you travel a lot, you sit." he stood up.

I dint wanted to sit but if i hadnt others would have taken that seat. I took the seat.

Gets even worse, He asked "Whats yo age??"

I was dumbstruck! Couldnt open my mouth. I couldnt have told my actual age as i would get ashamed if i would have told that! I had to answer and I thought I'll lie and said "25".

He said "I'm fifty one".

I thought i would get down! Enough is enough!! But something stopped! I dunno what!! I still curb for that!

He continued, "Dont get angry with my questions. You please sit and enjoy the ride! I'll stand! Its hardly 4 stops ahead."

Aargh!! I could stand that person! I was so ashamed!! I couldnt have dont anything other than standing. Was feelin so bad about my condition.

Thought i had to divert my thinking. I took the book i had in my bag, "The Godfather" and tried reading it! Was in no mood to read! Radio was constantly playin in my ears. Was listening to "Aa kaalada haadugalu with Gramaphone guru Sachith" on Radio Mirchi and the discussion to my bad luck was about "Telling a lie on age".

What a co-incidence!! I was just listening to radio doing nothing. Couldnt read books, couldnt message! I just couldnt do anything.

Come K.Narayanapura, he threw a smile to me and said " Barla saar??" and got down! I put a deliberate smile on my face and said "Olledu swamy".

I was lost in my own world of shame.

Thinking about it now, I feel so irritated and i now have made a resolution not to look for seats in the i did yesterday!

Just thought of sharing this with you guys!!


Srinivas B.P said...

:) very irritating experience i guess.... if i was there i would have felt the same :(

Shrinidhi Hande said...

You could have said "You sit down sir, I'll sit later"

i 7 said...

i like ur indoscience :P may u be ashamed more like this and provide us with more bursts of laughter ;) :P

Sandesh said...

@ Srinivas - Really irritating. Hope you would never experience such a thing.

@ Shrinidhi - He had got up. If I had argued, some one else would have sat down.

@ i7 - Good that it brought a smile on your face.

Akshay said...

HAH :)