Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mere Luck!!

Hey there!

This morning, was on my way to office. Was listening to Radio Indigo 91.9 FM. Its playing some great western music. Let it continue. It was Cindu hosting the Big Breakfast. The show was good! Playing some interesting songs while she asking questions as part of some contest or something.

Well, the first question was to coin a word for a peculiar laugh, sounded like a devil. Funny words were coined. Then came another question "Who was the first Chief Minister of Karnataka?". This was part of the BQ (Bangalore Quotient) quiz.

I recollected that its a Reddy but didnt knew his first name for that moment. I messaged a guess saying "Its a reddy for sure, Must be Chengalaraaya Reddy or K.C.Reddy" to 2919. Wasn't sure of it. I was @ Maraththalli by then. She didnt disclose the participants name neither their guesses. I thought there would be many correct answers and mine would be one among them.

By 9:30 I got down when she gave a clue that the surname of the First CM begins with an 'R'. This backed up my answer but i was waiting for the result.

By 9:45, I came to office, while she put a person on air asking for the answer for that question. Dunno the name of that person. He said its Gundu Rao which was the wrong answer. There aroused a hope in my mind that i would be the only person who guessed it right to some extent atleast. Many would have answered Kengal Hanumanthiaah remembering him for building the beautiful Vidhana Soudha. Might be many answered it that way but i was sure that it was not Kengal Hanumanthiah.

I came to my cubicle and was interested in checking my answer, googled it to find my guess 100% right. By then, I messaged Cindu back once again saying "I am dame sure, it is Chengalaraaya Reddy".

Voila! she called me! Hehe! She said that she would put me on air asking for the answer. I was pretty confident about the answer and said okay. This is the second time me coming on air, the first time was on Radio Sparsha (Worldspace). That was with RJ Shruthi on a program covering the Birthday of Dr.Rajkumar. You can find a post regarding that here.

She asked me the answer n I replied back with the correct answer. She congratulated me and said that i would get details on getting my gift later. That was fine. I was proud of my BQ. Hehe!! =)

Then I did one of the foolish thing ever. She asked me when was he elected as the CM. The line wasn't clear and i had to ask the question many a times. Once i got the question, i thought, it should have been after India went republic and so i said, was it in 1950?? How foolish of me? It was right in 1947.

Well that was fine. A cool experience barring this.

Later Uththara called me asking for my address which i provided, she said that my gift which contains a shirt from Radio Indigo and a CD. Cool! Will check out what it is! Nice to get it almost free (free except the 3 + 3 Rs for the two SMSs I sent! Shouldn't matter though!!)

Well thats it for today!

Catchya some other day!!


Shrinidhi Hande said...


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i 7 said...

bitti sigta idey, njoy hodi magney \m/

Akshay said...

congrats man....

Sandesh said...

@ all


The Self-Proclaimed Wordsmith said...

Technically, wouldn't Mr. Reddy have been the first CM of Mysore State, which (I believe) was the previous name of the state?

ankurg said...

Though too late to comment!
Congrats and great job done.

Pssibly u can add how the shirt was and what CD it was?

Enjoy, keep up winning more!!:)

Sandesh said...

@the self proclaimed wordsmith - I see no difference between Mysore and Karnataka thought technically you might be right! Also, when they integrated all Kannada speaking regions, it holds good to say it as Karnataka.

@Ankur - Still waitin for the shirt n the CD. It was good answerin the question. I'm not behind the gift though i feel good gettin it. =)