Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just a few things i came across this week!


Just listing two interesting things i came across this week! Most of you might be knowing atleast the first thing, just bringing it to your notice.

1. Google Reader: This is one tool which does your feed's job! You dont need to visit blogs, pages of your interest that get updated quite frequently every now and then if you've got this configured. You can configure this (which is stupidly easy), so that you get automatic updates of changes in those links. Just click the link to get a tour of it! I've already configured most of the sites, blogs i do visit. Pretty useful.

2. This is just a promotion! Dunno how true it is but seems like it serves its purpose. No matter what you'll test your vocabulary by visiting the site. This thing is happening since 7th October 2007 and they've donated quite a bit of rice grains since then,
The game is simple. You gotta match the meaning of the word mentioned among the four given choices, You're right? you donate 10 grains of rice through the UN mission. Wrong, you'll be given another word with a similar job! Got to know about it from Rohit Barker the day before while I was listening to Cruise control! Thanks buddy! I started playin the game since yesterday n wow! I donated 4000 grains in a single day! That seems better than givin a rupee to a beggar you find on streets. Dont you think so?

Go ahead! You don't lose anything! Just give it a try!!


i 7 said...

free rice thingy is sooooperu maga. luvd it. dengya lotz for the link :D

ankurg said... is interesting. I too donated 50 grains though 40 of them with the help of dictionary.

Probably tutorials for CAT and GMAT can advertise this and if that happens from India I believe there would be a flood of donated rice.

So it again the question becomes whether it is lack of resources or proper resource management that causes hunger?

Oops sorry for deviating from the topic.

rashi_pratibimb said... was truly a good way for donation....When@work...donate a few grains and then get back to work:)
And thnkx for teh google reader info..!!

Sandesh said...

@ i7 - thanks for promotin it on yo blog too!

@ankurg - Donation is important not how you did it! If you do not use yo dictionary, you learn a bit. Thats all to it! Yeah! Even i thought of the same w.r.t CAT n GMAT.

regarding yo third point, I'd like to quote a Gandhian quote - 'There is sufficient on earth enough for every person's need but there is too little for a single person's need'

@rashi = Hehe! good that you liked it!