Friday, January 08, 2010

Colored Pants and the Foreign Streets...

Had logged into blogger 2 hours back... Was feeling like blogging but no topic came to mind. Two or three random things turned up but none became concrete.

Just posted the day's links on my link blog, and logged off. Still my mind was revolving around a topic to blog out. Was listening to some trance later on, thought of blogging on it while it was time for our weekly Pooje. got downstairs to attend it. Once it was over, mother asked me to have dinner.

While I was having it, others were randomly browsing thru the channels on TV. On U2, our infamous 'Hey! Hey Paaro' was getting played. Though this song isnt directly connected to the topic, I thanked TV to lend me this interesting topic.

Before I start, I should tell you about the colored pants. It dates back to the dawn of eastman colored movies, especially the tamil ones (Some do include them till date). Thank god for Black n White movies, we couldnt notice the color.

Scenarios like deep orange pant and dark blue shirt, yellow shirt and pale green pant or be it pink shirt with blood red pant were pretty common. To add onto this, they had these bell bottomed pants as the trend. Be it a song sequence or a fighting scene, you could see the hero (sometimes the heroine as well) wearing them with their hands resting on their hips with their mouth wide open. It was total comedy.

Not that you couldnt find such combinations in Kannada movies, it was rare. may be 1 in 50 movies of the 70s.I've seen Rajkumar wearing some in some of his early movies, also Vishnu, Ambareesh and Srinath. May be 2-3 films in their career.

I saw these combinations on TV when there was no cable network. In those days where DD1 was the only channel, everyday of the week was reserved for 1 regional language songs to be telecasted. It was Thursday for Kannada, dont remember for other languages. But sometimes when we were playing in the hall, we used to see some songs of other languages... the NTRs, Chiranjeevi, MGRs, Rajanikanth, Vijayakanth who else, all could be seen wearing Blue shirt and Red pant with a green scarf... sometimes with a black hat. Goodness... Almost all the songs.

More of tamil songs I saw were in one of my Uncle's house. He was fond of Tamil movies (I still dunno why) and during my summer holidays, we used to stay in his house playing with my cousins. I was wondering who was the costume designer for such songs. Havent watched much of Hindi movies/songs. Can't comment on them.

After the 80's one hardly could see such color combos in Kannada movies. It was the time when the Nags, Kashinath ruled the KFI. Movies were sensible n entertaining too. Also, all movies of the big heads Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan and Ambareesh had good script as always. 90s were again with Ravichandran, Shivarajkumar, Shashikumar... No traces of colored pants.

Since the 00's there started a bad trend of remaking Telugu/Tamil movies. Some were inspired (as per the directors/producers). Or atleast some movies based on rowdism had what they now call an ITEM song. A catchy number. In such scenarios, they were dressed in all possible combinations (again inspired by the T & T movies).

Initially all such songs were picturised within the country. Thanks to our 'American' Director Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar to set up the trend to shoot most of the movie scenes as well as songs abroad. Later a trend came up where songs were shot abroad. That was a marketing strategy where the posters had the tag, 'capturizing the scenic beauty of so and so country...'

Initially, the trend was to shoot some songs in a decent manner. Then came the worse. This went onto a level where all songs in a movie should be shooted abroad. Some heroes were/still are refusing to sign the deal if this scenario isnt met.

Thanks to TnT movies, we saw some tappangucchi numbers being shot abroad. The herd wearing lungies/petas with fishnet vests smoking beedis (watch Yuvaraja remake of a telugu movie Tammudu) I was dumbstruck watching that song. Worse was when they used the foreign artists in our local attire. It was SO funny.

Want something more worse? They performing in the busy foreign streets with tappangucchi and the public watchin them with their jaws wide open. You can see some of the foreigners laughin the the song itself. Tell me, what impression do they get of our country n culture?

They've visited almost all major countries. America, Australia, New Zealand, Most of Europe which includes Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Venice, Italy what not?

I sometime see them dancing to the tunes with these colored pants. Damn it! Whose the choreographer? Doesnt he possess the least sense?

All current heroes are culprits here. Puneeth was afar from this but recently watched his 'Raam'. Look at this song, 'Hosa Gaana Bajaana', as a proof. Major culprits being Darshan, Upendra, Sudeep, Shivarajkumar, Auditya...

Let them perform the way they want in lonely streets/locations... Why on the busy roads?

We have a new face to the list, thanks that he hasnt performed in foreign streets but he has one or the other song with such color combination. He is Yogesh a.k.a Loose Maada. Atleast one song will be having weird costumes with songs modulated to machine like voice. Watch Jinke Marina, Maja Maja En Majano of Nanda <3 Nanditha, Chakkli Nippat thinnkandu of Ravana or Sarasooo of Ambaari to get a glimpse of it.

Who is supposed to be blamed for this shit? Collectively all. Most of the times, it is the producers who force the director to add atleast one such song to the movie. Sometimes its the directors fault and sometimes its the hero's fault.

Again, the final question I want to ask them is dont they get ashamed to act lunatically in the unknown crowd? Is it good for them to impart a false image onto the foreigner's brain?

Hope they think in this direction.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

good to see the blog updated.. keep blogging.

I mainly focus on lyrics of the song to check how meaningful it is. didn't bother much about colour of the pants...

Sandesh Karanth said...

Oh well, Thanks...

While watching TV, i do look at the color of the pants... =)

Manoj said...

Its mostly the producers and the big actors, who are the culprits for such thing. One thing which becomes hit, is implemented in all other movies.
For eg: The song 'Vaseegra'( the tamil version of the hit song from the movie RHTDM) was composed by Harris Jayraj and sung by B. Jayasree. In the next 5-6 movies, similar songs by the same duo were used. Result: None of them became a success. Just a waste of time. :(
Kannada industry was one of the most sensible industry acc. to me. Brillian technicians, modest actors, super character artists. No one seems to be around these days. I find only Guruprasad sensible these days. ;)

Sandesh Karanth said...

@ Manoj - Very true... Though we can find some hidden talent here n there in KFI