Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Tales, Two Thathas.

Well, the title should have been long. I was planning for 'Two tales on Two elderly gentlemen, one @ dusk and one @ dawn'. Very very long... =(

Two of my experiences on consecutive days. Here they go.

Tale 1:

Had been to one telco's office to get a connection for my mother yesterday. While I was discussing plans with a representative, an elderly gentleman entered the office with a grim face.

The moment he came, he started scolding another rep black n blue; reason being excess amount on his broadband bill. The sales rep/installation crew who had installed broadband in his house and had promised the old guy that the bill wont cross Rs 500/-

Probably this thatha is tech savvy or atleast internet savvy. To his bad luck, I think his plan wasnt an unlimited connection. He has crossed the limits and had got a lumpsome bill of Rs 1.7k and change. Poor fellow is now baffled and has travelled 4km from his house to the telco office to enquire. Guess he doesnt know about customer care (not that they're any better, but alteast that would've avoided his travel)

He was not satisfied by the justification given by the helpless rep. Now, the rep called the installer, his higher officials n whosoever are concerned but in vain of help to thatha.

He continued his swearings... in fact, increased them two folds... All the stupids, rascals etc came outa his mouth. Irritated employee asked him to stay quiet but it was of no use.

Meanwhile thatha made some calls scolding the person on the other side. He must be the installer. Rep was insisting him to speak him in Kannadaif he could coz the other party isnt well versed in any other lingo, he would start a sentence in Kannada and switch over to English. No comments...

I got my connection while thatha continued swearing.

Tale 2:

Wakey wakey... This morning I had to visit supermarket as my father was busy with some other work. Gotta get some milk, vegitables etc. Now, this supermarket, is say 200 steps from my house, fresh stocks come everyday @ 08:15 am. I went there by 8:10, to make sure that the precious commodity, milk doesnt get over. There are instances wherein I have returned back going by 9 o' clock. I dont wanna take chances.

I saw some familiar faces of which one of them is another thatha. Never have I spoken with them but they are familiar.

Okay! 8:15, no news about the delivery truck. Welcome sign for my othla sense. I roamed around the mart, checkin things out. The same old beans, carrots, oats etc. Meanwhile I saw this thatha speaking to the wardboys n stewardesses sometimes cuddling them. Normal thatha behavior. 8:25 and still the truck hasnt arrived. I continued.

8:30 it passed by. Its a narrow road, it went ahead to park in the opposite direction so that it can just go once the delivery is complete. It came but there was a Santro in the usual place of its parking. The driver was waiting...

It happened to be a customer's santro who was billing. His mom was also by his side billing. He had a long list. Took a lot of time to complete. It was already 8:45 and thatha lost his temper. He started scolding. Asked him to move the vehicle. Hesitant customer (lets call him Mr. X for short) never cared and continued with the billing. Even the wardboys requested to move, he said, he is almost done with the billing and would take the car once its done.

Thatha started swearing bastards n bullshits on this person. Mr. X in his late thirtys or early fortys got enraged and counter sweared thatha though he was done with the billing. His mother intervened for no use. This went on for another 15 minutes. Rest were silent including me.

One of the stewardess came in between now, talking to Mr. X in Telugu to calm down and take his car. He never budged and asked support on his side rather moving his vehicle. Seems this thatha is also a teluguite. Now the conversation shifted to telugu from English (Sadly no Kannada)

9:15, still the truck was waiting for its parking place with these two quarelling with all swearings. Even the mother joined with Mr. X swearing 'Gudd mooskond pora' to thatha. Havoc...

Enough was enough. I was bored of watchin stuffs n wastin time watchin these stupids fight, I intervened, and asked X to move the vehicle instead of quarrelling. Though I was indifferent, (probably partially on behalf of thatha, as I was waiting for milk).

Now this thatha come over me, swearing that 'nobody has the guts to fight injustice! blah blah blah!!!' I ignored them while Mr. X pleaded me to explain the same to thatha. Thatha now turned his complete attention to me and started to blame my escapism. Again I ignored and came inside while X moved to move his vehicle.

As he was moving, this short tempered, lunatic thatha continued the swearings on X. Thank god, I was saved. Things didnt get over. X parked the vehicle some meters ahead, made way for the truck, came back and started quarrelling with thatha.

Bah!! 3-4 stewardesses came to the rescue of their supermarket, many people from streets barged in and somehow consoled them both. One of them scolded thatha and asked him to leave the premises after his purchase. He continued swearings ad infinitum and was gone in 5 minutes after getting milk.

Thats it of the tales.

At the end, what I wanted to say was that some of these elderly gentlemen are very very short tempered. I meet such creatures atleast once in a week. They just want everything their way and any small mistake enrages them to the peak. They dont care about the etiquettes, dignity and just want the opposite side to be tamed. What I suggest in such scenarios is to justify your stand once, if it is not welcomed, you better walk out or else, the whole day you'll be irritated by the fight...

Your comments please...


Manoj said...

Even I have experienced these things. There is something, that they feel they must not be contradicted. If experience makes you so, then its bad. :(
About the broadband thing, I remember in my native, Saligrama(between Udupi and Kundapura), when it was initially installed, there were similar problems. What the reps would say was unlimited browsing time. That would be mistaken. Even if some guy mentioned about the limits, no one would care.

Sandesh Karanth said...

Just as they say in Kannada 'Aravattakke Arulu Marulu'

Calvin Bhai said...

Old Age Ke Side Effects!!! This is going to be true for most of us too!

All that youngsters can do is take the Thathaa's attitude in their stride and hope that they done repeat the same thing.