Saturday, August 21, 2010


Two/three weeks ago,

Was heading towards Malleshwara to meet Hemanth, Yogesh n Susheem @ Beagles. I boarded a BMTC from Byats.

Come Hebbal, three dumb fellas board the bus. They were busy communicating among themselves through sign language (which differed from our sign language... I felt it much more complex. Couldn't make much outa it) By their outfits they looked like Malayalis. How stupid am I to associate dumb with a language?

They incessantly communicated while I was busy playing dominoes on my mobile watching them at random intervals.

Two were seated at my back, One was facing me. You know, it was that kinda bus where four people can face each other on one compartment.

The expression on their face appears atleast over-acting; atleast to me. Ex: Laughing forcibly... Thats how they communicate. I might be a bit harsh here but thats the case with most of the handicapped.

While they communicated I never noticed the person in front of me using mobile. I was of the notion that mobiles are with everyone these days even with sweepers (not to condemn them, but addressing by their job)

I had overlooked the dumb chap using mobile. It all suddenly flashed to me when we were at Mekhri grade seperator. Of all of them, why a dumb guy has a mobile phone? What would he do with that if he cannot speak to it?

It was not a smartphone or a phone that can have any applications like games, video, audio... It was a plain Vodafone ZTE 125. You can't even listen to radio on it.

I now noticed him. Thanks to SMS. They communicate via SMS. Glad they teach them English along with their sign language.

I observed the guy till I got down at Central, and was smiling to accustom another simple but eye-opening experience.

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BigShoe said...

Kinda opened my eyes tooo.. when i read ur post in a flash i got a different notion all together.. but later realised they used it for communication.. so i read it twice ... it was a eye opener for me..

sometimes.... yes these small things do make a lot of difference in our lives...

thanks for sharing it sande..