Sunday, August 15, 2010

On Independence Day...

Independence Day:

1. For Politicians, its another day to move around places, praising Gandhi, Nehru (dunno what he did to get Independence), Bose, et al making people know what they think is actually Independence day.

2. For Corporate employees, its a welcome holiday (though not quite this year, they missed it)

3. For the workoholics, its doesn't make a difference; they head to the vacant office.

4. For Students, though a holiday, they're forced to go to school to celebrate the I-day toiling in ground performing mechanical exercises (trained for months) to entertain the chief guests presiding the function, getting a (peppermint | laddoo | boondi) as compensation.

5. For the flag sellers, the only time of business. They don't mind plastic flags lying down on streets on I-Day itself. They just want to sell the flags.
6. For the RJs, its the time they recollect old/retro desha bhakti music for a day or two and air it.

7. For the visual media people, its again time to showcast of old movies which will just be skipped by the current generation. Some do telecast some stupid movies like Rang De Basanti grandeuring Bhagat Singh, Azad et al. Some do it for Gandhi n co.

8. For the messagoholics, crib about against some operators who suspend free messages for today; for the rest of some single day independence enthusiasts, it finishes their free messages while dawn forwarding messages of patriotism.

9. For the extremist enthusiasts, as mentioned before like Rang De Basanti provoked, they feel the urge to glorify the extremists and scold the likes of Gandhi...

10. For fake patriots, its just a time to play some tunes of famous musicians like Jai Ho, Vande Mataram... blah blah blah...

For someone with my mindset, the day has lost its prominence, not only prominence but meaning. One can see many people cribbing about the pathetic state the nation is in (including me), but none are willing to take it forward. Everybody is of the mindset, what can one mortal like me do?

The scenario before and after Independence in 1947 is no different. The only difference is that instead of the foreigners, the in house dacoits are looting the nation. Not one single party but all in a group are pushing the nation to a state of no return. There is this corruption cacophony, mining mafia, globalization ghost, corporate culture, exploitation of the poor (poor are mere votebanks), Reservation regime problems to name a few major issues haunting the nation today. The people in power do not hesitate to sell their nation for their wellbeing.

These things are easy said than faced. There are some honest people in politics who try to build a nation they dreamed. There is no one solution for this problem the country is facing. Some feel the politicians must be shooted in face, corruption must be rooted out blah blah blah... How can this be done? None has an answer. Everyone can give such hypothetical answers which aren't practical. Again, there are these foreign returned bureaucrats who compare our nation to the one they visited and say, "In that country its like this... but here... shit..." and compare each and everything. They do least to improve their country. They don't know in their remote corner of their brains that India (Bharata) was more dignified a nation than it is today. And the reason why it is in the current state is due to the people of the same countries these bureaucrats. Aint it?

There are instances wherein, people who've seen the freedom struggle, compare the earlier days and feel they're better. They feel there wasn't much corruption as it is today. Imitation has become the prime activity of the nation. When do we stop it? Aint this pub culture, corporate culture an imitation of the west? Why did we need independence if we mere imitate?

Have we atleast achieved political independence as of today? The whole country dances to the tunes of the Italian lady and her children. How many conversions are happening all over the country? The corporates are waiting for the decisions made the American presidents for their existence... Crap!!

Take farmers. Its said that more than 80 lakhs of farmers have commited suicide since 1990s. What do we eat, if none works out in the field? I can't imagine a scenario where everybody has money but they don't have food.
See again... I've started cribbing about it incessently... I can go on n on n on... not only me... everyone in the nation. There is no point in cribbing. Do something. Do your bit everyday n get satisfied that I did this for the betterment of the country. That would give you some satisfaction than doin nothing.

Independence is no praising of the freedom fighters, no cribbing about the state of nation, no patriotic movies/songs...



Suneet said...

have to agree with you...

praveen said...

:) well said.... again just one more concept..
one more day..

Sandesh Karanth said...

@ Suneet & praveen =)