Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Blunder I must say

First of all, You might think, this blog is inactive for long... The author must have lost interest in it. Yeah... Kinda... I don't wanna blame anybody for being lazy than myself.

From the time I joined a new company, thanks for my routine... couldnt make some time to blog. To add on to it, I was a bit low from the day my today's links blog was deleted by Google for spam. It was an attempt to store links I found were interesting.. 'nuff said...

Back to blogging.

Two months ago i guess. Both of my cousins were here at Bangalore after a long time. (Probably 1.5 years later). They had brought their family along. IT was a get together for them after a long long time.

One Saturday, I set myself to meet them. One whom I had dropped home from the airport. I hadn't met the other for long.

Before I describe the incident, Lemme tell you that I'd like to complete a sentence in one language as a whole. This would lead to blunders sometimes as it happened on that day.

Now, this other cousin was becoming another father. He already had one. This blunder what I said, happened when I tried wishing him.

The moment I met him, I wished him congrats. He didnt knew why exactly I wished him and asked my why?

By the slip of the tongue, instead of wishing him, 'as you're about to become yet another father', i said 'you're yet to become another father'

Damn!!! The whole family was in a pool of laughter while I was feelin so shameful. such incidents, everytime you recollect, will give you some amount of joy n pain.

Similar incident happened yesterday by my mom (which I wouldn't be discussing here) which made me blog this. I recollect the incident of my engineering college farewell, where I had scolded people to bring me on stage without respecting the dias. Feeling so guilty for that now. But nothing can be done. Its all past. Its over.

There are many such things that happen by the slip of the tongue. the person feels so guilty and may be teased for long (which didnt happened to me in any case)

To a person like me, It will not have any impact other than some moments of shame. But I've seen people taking things seriously of such incidents. I don't want to take names.

People feeling uncomfortable to speak English, may stop speaking in public if they accustom such incidents frequently. All I can say is that its not your language. You are bound to make mistakes, sometimes in your mothertongue itself... Why worry about a foreign language? Take it easy.

Some take it in positive manner and become kinda masters in the respective field. Its all how you take it. I'm kinda 'Do I look like I give a Shit?' person. I don't bother at all.

Now that I've blogged the incident, it'll be lighter in my mind, than it already was as always.


Shubha Karanth said...

Yaaro ivrella chingiglu? ;)

Calvin Bhai said...

That is so very true!

This probably is one thing I have experienced so very often in my life! In my case more than the language (had a problem with english until I finished PUC), it was the (kannada) accent that'd put me in a spot.

I guess people would be more receptive to the idea of learning the local language if localites or the masters of that language dont laugh at the ones who are learning.

For now, I have a decent enough experience in talking two different dialects/accents of kannada and english. But I make sure to encourage and not laugh at the ones who are learning to speak a colloquial form of a language.

Unfortunately, "most" native hindi speakers have been at the receiving end from my side when they speak bad english, for they have laughed enough when I started conversing in Hindi. :P

Sandesh Karanth said...

@Shubha - Spam deleted.

@Calvin Bhai - Hu maga. Its all how you take it. If they really want the person to learn, though they laugh at him, they'll again console him to try better.