Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slumdogs of 'Slumdog Millionaire' are millionaires...

You might feel bad to see a series of critic posts on this blog these days. I don't know. I had the least interest in writing this post. Though I'm not eligible in writing a critic on this coz I haven't seen the movie (I'll keep the references to it to the minimum), please do read. When I say slumdogs in the title of this post, I just mean it to say 'members' and not to degrade them.

Whats irritating me these days is media and the hype it creates around silly issues. I open the newspaper to see news of only the Oscars. Do they do it every year?

Well let me tell you the story I understood from those I met whoever saw the movie.

This person, the hero is brought up in Dharavi Slum of Mumbai. He's got a childhood lover, who departs from the slum or whatever and he starts his search for her allover. This goes on and on and on... One day, he is selected for a reality show, something like 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?' and for all the questions asked over there, he'll have the answer which is obtained from some experience when he was in search for her love. Finally he becomes a millionaire, and also finds his lover I guess...

This is what I heard.

Pretty vague, plane. Sounds like some stupid Hindi movie. The movie is being directed by some Hollywood director and thats the only way it found an entry into the Oscars and other international awards.

They say that India is being wrongly picturised in the film. We had petitions signing that it should not enter the Oscars, though it failed. It won 8 Oscars. Whats so much in celebrating for the whole country if a film directed by a foreigner, depicting the country in a wrong manner wins a global award? Should we actually celebrate or criticize? I see the people of Dharavi Slums celebrating the success of the movie but their state of living in slums hasn't been changed yet. Why are they celebrating? As usual, we have these politicians commenting that 'Slumdog Millionaire' and AR Rehman has made India proud of winning an Oscar. I say CRAP. I feel shamed to hear them say that.

I might offend AR Rehman's fans when I say this but I have to say. I dont listen to much of ARR, in fact I dont listen to him at all. May be some of the blog readers (If he is reading this post, he would surely do) would expect a post from me asking why I dont actually like his music. I would answer it in a few sentences. I dont listen to his music just because, I see a sense of surrenderness in it. Its like saying, you are the one for me, without you, I don't have anything. That kinda music. That suits to certain songs but not all. This is what I felt. Do not get offended.

To add more, there are quite a few instances, wherein say i meet a person. he/she tries to get close and we share things among us. When it comes to music, I see most of them are ARR fans, and they are shocked when I say, I don't listen to him. They say 'What music do you listen to if you don't listen to ARR?' Huh! This certainly irritates me. Don't impose your taste on me. I have my own likings. There are many instances like this. Don't come to a conclusion that I don't like him coz of this reason. I just thought of sharing this.

I'm not saying that he doesnt deserve an Oscar. I'm no one to say that. I'm indifferent in that case. I haven't listned to the songs of the movie. I dont bother whether he gets it or not, but I just can't stand the hype what the media has created. He might deserve. I don't know. I'm against the media when they praise a lot. Anybody for that matter.

As a person I feel he is simple and I like that simplicity. I don't see him roaring on stage when getting an award.

On the other hand, I was watching 'The Taxi Driver', just watch it, I was shocked to hear that it didnt win an Oscar. A good movie by Martin Scorsese directing Robert De Niro. Do watch it. I feel it has a better story that Slumdog Millionaire. Its about a common man who turns a taxi driver just because he cannot sleep. He feels that the city (New York) is filled with filth and hopes that 'Someday a real rain will come and wash this scum off the streets.'

Check out the dialogues. Its really interesting. Some are really gem. I suggest you watch the movie. Watch the sequence when Travis Bickle says 'You talkin to me?' hehehe! Here is one of the gem I found.

Here is a man who would not take it anymore.
A man who stood up against the scum...
the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit.

More of such kinda movies are always welcomed. I don't like comparing things, but here, I say SDM doesnt come near to the Taxi Driver.

All I mean with the title is that the team members of Slumdog Millionaire are rich now. Good for them but what I intend to say is that publicity in this scale was not expected. I'm not curbing for them.

I just read the news that Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and the likes may enter Bollywood. WHY?????? To make some crap movies? Let them be what they are. Let them not enter Bollywood which is filled with crap(Exceptions are always there). The person who is pulling them in is some Feroz Nadiadwala. I see these Nadiadwala films and they are always Muslim oriented. My friend dragged me to one of his movies which I had denied to watch, the movie was named 'Welcome'. I nearly fainted when I saw a song where all of them were Hindus (on and off the screen), dancing for a song 'Inshaa Allah!!' SHAAAAA! Don't you think this Nadiadwala is a crap guy?

Hoping the De Niros and the Pacinos do not enter Bollywood.


i 7 said...

Agree 100% wid ya magaa. Film nodokku hogbedaa. Slumsgey hodre henge durrvasne hodyotto adre taraa vasne hodyotte magandu eee kachdaa film noDidre! Gabbaagi ide modlinda hiDdu end varegu. Utterly uninspiring and lacks substance/thoughts to the core. Dsnt even uphold straw-worth of Indian tradition or culture. THUUUUUUUU! kyakarsi ugibeku intaa filmsgaLigey. Totally UNDESERVING piece of crap.

Sandesh said...

intha filmgalige awardgala mele awardgalu sigtha idyalla maga? en helbeku idakke?