Monday, February 09, 2009

Taj Mahal? Tejo Mahalaya?

I just got a text forward from one of my friend a week back. Here it goes...

Taj Mahal was not built by Shah Jahan. He captured it from the Rajput king Jai Singh. It was a lord Shiva's temple called 'TEJO MAHALAYA' was build 300 years before Shah Jahan. The carbon dating proves it. There are number of evidences to prove. refer Please forward it to all. Jai Hind.

actually the wesite address is mentioned wrong. Its actually Please visit the site for more details. Also more articles can be obtained on google with the search string 'Taj Mahal - Tejo Mahalaya'

Details given in that site are really good. Many proofs have been given to show the fact that it was indeed a Vedic temple.

Well, this was known many years ago. I'm not gonna talk much about how it all happened. This was just another vedic temple lured by the invaders. Many temples were converted to mosques. Please read 'Aavarana' by S. L. Bhairappa for more details.

What I'd like to discuss here is the hype around the Taj.

All I see is that it is just another monument. May be the carvings during the pre-muslim period are still there and one can go to watch it. Many such vedic temples were destroyed and converted to mosques. Thats how majority of the mosques were built during the muslim rule.

Many years of the mughal rule, converted many temples to mosques and muslim sculptures. I dont have the exact count.

They say, Taj Mahal was build in memorial to Mumtaz, Shah Jahan's wife. But recent studies say that it is not her who is burried here. It was someone else. There are lotsa rumours on Taj.

What has happened in the recent years is that Taj has acquired lot of popularity. Any foreigner coming to India wishes to visit it. They say it is a symbol of love and other crap. For those who say such things, I just say that all the workers hand who worked for the renovated Taj Mahal were cut. Taj Mahal is standing on the blood of these workers.

One of my uncle was touring all over India and once he entered the Taj, he was welcomed by the stinking smell inside. Hehehe!!!

Only thing I like in the muslim architecture is the hemispherical tomb. Apart from that, I see nothing special in it.

Lets get back to 2007. That was the year when the Seven Wonders of the world was reiterated. This so called Taj Mahal was nowhere. New entries for the wonder lists were abundant.

I dont know what happened to the media & telco operators altogether. They started campaigning for Taj in India. I can't recollect the exact words in some radio show, but here is the gist.

'Taj is the pride of India. Its a shame on us, we Indians if we do not unite and vote for Taj for the seven wonders list. So what are you waiting for? Please vote "Blah blah blah" to 5XXXX and make Taj regain its position in the seven wonders' list.

CRAP! Taj is a symbol of the Muslimification of India. Its no pride. The only people who used the above vote popularity were the telco operators charging 3 or more bucks per message voted. With the millions of votes gained for Taj, it re-entered the top 7 wonders of the world list. Thanks for the huge Indian Population.

Just because it won the seven wonders prize, Radio Mirchi celebrated it by constructing a Taj Mahal made outa roses. That was the major attraction and it said, 'Thank you Bangaloreans for voting for Taj. Here is our small tribute to all of those who voted'.

Now tell me, Is this the correct way to vote for such a thing? There should be a system in contests like this say, people cannot vote for monuments of their own country and should vote for other monuments. This might give rise to a list which is close to the real seven wonders of the world.

I feel irritated when media gives such hype filled publicity for a thing which is actually not what they claim. Awake people of India, Taj is not a symbol of Love!


Namratha said...

Well this has been goin around frm quite a few years n NGC/Discovery has done a show on this whole thing. I don't know why even now the Indians themselves claim the Taj to be a tomb built by SJ for his wife.
Unless we Indians open our eyes and accept the truth the world is not goin to.
There's so much I want to say here but I better not.

Dysfunctionally Mild said...

May I be the one to as usual call 'BULLSHIT!!' n disagree, not with your views necessarily, but those so-called 'proofs':) I LOVE conspiracy theories, but the more ridiculous ones set in India make me cringe sometimes, since they're traditionally such an American phenomena. I sometimes think Americans have at least one conspiracy theory for everything in their popular culture. Sadly, on the internet, anyone can create a website around anything, and anyone does. Even more sadly, Indians have also started aping Americans in these things, and whats more, taking them seriously :) Now THATS insidious western cultural indoctrination, the increasing tendency to abandon all logic to the winds while making an argument :) ...
The link you've posted IS fun though, and I have a suggestion. After this, you should do a whole series on conspiracy theories set in India (should be fun to track them all down) ... with your added comments on the topic :) Next one I can suggest is the JC in Kashmir theory ...
n then i can shout 'BULLSHIT!!' on the comments in that post as well :)

Sandesh said...

@ Namratha - Very true!

@ Dysfunctionally Mild - Well, I havent dugg more on the conspiracy theory, I have to come to a conclusion once I do that. Though, I strongly oppose soemone saying Taj as a symbol of Love. Would visit the links you provided.

anupam said...

i dont see any conspiracy theory, destruction is in blood of muslims, how can can we forget the destruction of buddha statue at bamiyan in recent times, thousand of temples have been destroyed in pakistan , malaysia, indonesia n other muslim countries, y not the so called secular indians are raising voice over this, y r we always talking ab babri masjid.every one talks ab godhra incident where thousands of muslims being killed, how can we 4get the burning of train carrying karsevak, y not we r talking about thousands kashmiri pundits being killed in the state of kashmir.
and what about the terrorist who kills thousnad of innocent people, r they doing by their own, r indian muslims not helping them, we got many proof of muslims leaking information ab defence n other secret to pakistan, they r traitor by birth, juat wake up india , wake up hindu else hinduism wont exist in future...........

Sandesh said...


Serenity said...

Dear Friends,
This is completely true. Infact if you look around carefully any of of (old) the mosques in any locality in india, is actually....Yes u guessed right. Mughals did not build anything. They just took over .Forced koran inscriptions.But I tell you, alas , ALL this will be called HATE or COMMUNAL HATE. NO. This is the truth, all i want to say is that the Mughals CANNOT be credited wth building...but i can assure you, India , caught in false secularism will consider all this as blasphemy and dismiss it as conspiracy theories.....SAD.But ONE thing, ANYONE convinced, please tell ur KIDS the TRUTH. thats the way ahead

hayyram said...

உங்கள் எண்ணங்கள் சரியே!. இந்துக்களுக்கு விழிப்பு வேண்டும். காங்கிரஸுக்கும் தி மு க விற்கும் ஓட்டு போடக்கூடாது.