Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Costly Things are costly to maintain!!!!

Hey Guys! Back with a post!!

Had less of work on Friday. Left the office early(By 7:45pm), and we headed home! Just stopped at the usual panipuri shop @ Church Street. We were having ma
sala puri when a call came from the office that there is a mob @ Shivajinagar, so avoid that! Wanna know the reason?? Saddam was hanged, and all the muslims here were arranging for a meet( Dunno why!!) Accidentally someone by mistake had torn one of the banner near Shivajinagar n this raised an issue among them! They started the fight throwing stones @ public n setting two wheelers ablaze! (Who knows why???). I was interested to go via the same route but Jagga refused.

So, we took a deviation @ Anil Kumble circle @ M G Road! Went via the Circle near by Meuseum Road, Minsk Square! He said that we'll go via Raj Bhavan, but i insisted we go via Indian Express! I just wanted what were they fighting for!! Just took a right turn near the Capitol Hotel n we headed to Indian Express! There were a lot of policemen controlling the condition! I saw no fight over there but an Auto with a banner in Urdu, Kannada n English! They said Saddam is a friend of India( I dont know how!) n they protest hanging Saddam! It was also hoisting a black flag! Now what can they do for something that has happened?? It is an irreversible process! I'm not taking sides by saying what Bush did was wrong or what these people are doing is right?? What will happen if they fight?? Its totally of no use!

We didnt experience any disturbance on our way back home! I came home at around 9, had my food,spoke with some friends (Bhandary, Praveen, Yogesh n Hemanth!). Walked a bit n set myself on bed! I was ready to message!

I sent some 300 messages and was feeling sleepy! Thought i'll sleep and went to bed at around 1am!

Woke up by 9:00 in the morning! Finished my daily duties and was set to read the newspaper having my breakfast! Just browzed thru the paper! I am not reading newspaper as i was reading while i was at college! Dont have that patience to read everything (Dont want to spend more time reading a newspaper on a weekend! Cant make time during the weekdays!) tried Sudoku for 10 minutes! It said its hard and so it was! I couldnt finish more than some 15 squares! Thought i'll finish it later!

Took a bath! Was just wiling away my time! I dont know! I waste time like this! Wont spend it more fruitfully!! thought i'll read something n took a book in my hand! Dint even read 3 lines n i closed it! It has become boring to do anything these days! Gotta come outa this! (Hope so soon!) I thought of messaging! Sent some 600 messages and amma called mefor lunch! Had my lunch and i went to the local BSNL customer care office located at Sahakaranagara! We had applied for a Broadband connectin way back in November and we still havent ot the service. Went for a walk to that office with appa! Long time i had walked withhim! Was very much happy for that! We spoke of general things n i like to do that!

These people at government office are so adamant n they said that you'll get the service by March! We are laying ports and that'll take time till march! You wont get it till then! I was frustrated but what can we do?? We just set back! Came outa that office and had watermelon(Kallangadi) juice at Ganesh Fruit Juice Centre just next to this office! Came back to home! I thought i'll meet my friends and informed them! I was at majestic by 4:40 and one one turned up!Raghu, Susheema were busy! Hemu said that we'll meet up but he dint come! Yogi also dint come!

Okay! I thought i've come to majestic! Lemme take things i thought of taking since two weeks! Went to Burma Bazaar ( next to old Hajee Jana, Near Tribhuvantheatre), applied a new cover to the screen my S700i! Went to Alankar Pearl plaza! Stopped at Mysore Times and asked for a new strap for my Titan Edge!

I was totally shocked to hear the price! The same belt (same color) was priced Rs.525/- only! I couldn't blieve it! I asked once more! He said its 525! "Isit for another watch??" i asked! He laughed! "Sir! You've taken such a costly watch and now you are asking as if you dont know anything!! I was seriously shocked!!! You can take atleast 3 watches at burma bazaar or Hongkong bazaar or say National Market!! What the heck! 525 for a strap of leather???? I said doyou have any other varieties for this watch?? He showed me two three designs none cheaper than 250! I said i havent got that much money! I thought it wouldcost some 50 bucks or so and came outa that showroom!

I headed for another titan showroom near Menaka Theatre! Asked over there as to how much would a strap for Edge would cost! The personnel over there showedme the same kinda strap and said that it would cost me 360 bucks! I was once again shocked for the price but check out the difference! 525 - 360!! I thought i'll visit some more showrooms and get it done where i get it cheap! I dint take a strap for that day. Went to market! Gotta get something for home! Purchased them1 Took a bus and landed @ Byat!

It was 8! had some snacks! watched TV for some time and had my lunch! went to bed @ 10 o clock! sent some 500 messages and was asleep!


KbHbEjTi said...

You have realized something which i am currently experiencing with my bike !! More the quality you prefer more the money you spend :)

Sandesh said...


Shrinidhi Hande said...

local straps dont fit into your watch?

i 7 said...

"Saddam is a friend of India( I dont know how!)" - lol.

BSNL broadband yaako? Airteldu soooper agidey anta keliddey.

eega dinakkey yest SMS free? 1000 aa?

Sandesh said...

@Shrinidhi - local straps didnt fit, neither they look good! Reason being, the belt is thicker that the watch!

@i7 - Thats what they said thru the banner! BSNL has got less problem with the network! Airtel network aagaaga down aagaththe antha helthaare! eega bsnl 2mbps aagide! Dinakke free messages antha enu illa! One message costs 1 paisa! Esht bekaadru maadko!