Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A hilarious incident on December 25th

Hey all!

That mysore post is gettin delayed coz i haven't uploaded the pics yet! Meanwhile enjoy reading this post that happened to me on 22nd December 2006.

They were celebrating Christmas in our office (Though they dont celebrate Ugadi, Krishnashtami n other festivals), they were preparing for christmas like anything since a week, making arrangements for it! They planned to celebrate it on 22nd of December as we had a holiday on 25th.

Atlast December 22nd arrived n at around 5pm, a gang arrived to our floor singing hymns of christ (which i dint understand!!) singing Jingle bells n otha songs with a guitar! This went on for say 10 minutes n after that, one among them started saying something abt christ n his deeds for say 2 minutes! Cant recollect his words or else i wud have presented exactly the same! Finally he said "We are collecting money on this event! dont hesitate to donate! It'll fund an orphanage n you'll be helping many by donating!

I thought, i'll contribute! There was a Santa Claus in the midst! He was giving chocolates to all! With him was a female who was collecting money! Now comes the funniest part!

Me n Jagga were discussing how much to donate! Jagga hadn't bought any money that day as he had kept his purse @ home! I'll take mine everyday but unfortunately i just had a 500 rupee note! No 100s, 50s or even 10s except an old 20 rupee note which i hesitate to spend! Okay! I thought that let me donate 100 bucks from my account! Then Jagga came to me n explained his situation! We thought abt this n we decided that both of us together will donate 100 rupees! I'll put 500 in the box n get 400 back!

Meanwhile, Jagga had gone to one o my collegue n borrowed a 100 rupee note. Once the Santa Claus n the lady came to us, he had put that 100 bucks! Santa had given him two small chocolates!( Just like dairy -milk eclairs). I was confused!

I desperately needed change for 500! So i went to the lady n asked for change! Then she said tell me how much are you donating! Seeing 500 bucks in my hand, Santa had given me a big BAR-ONE (Really big in size, dunno the quantity!). Then suddenly Jagga came in between n said that the 100 rupee note he gave is from both of our side!

That lady got so frustrated that she went staring at me! She was totally angry at me n walked off my cubicle! Even the so called Santa was staring at me like anything behind the mask! I dint understand the situation! But once she left, I couldnt stop laughing analysing the situation! How mean of them!

Even now if i think of that incident, i just cant stop laughing! Hope this brought a smile on yo face!

Enjoy! Leaving for the day! Wait for the mysore post!


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Nice one

i 7 said...

big 'bar one' aa maga, njaaay :) maga r u sure avaru ninna Rs 50 na donate maadidarey anta? athva adrinda innodistu bar one tagondu mattastu Rs 100 na collect maadi NEW YEAR party enney gey karch maadidra?

maga yest blogs ittidiyooo!! list nodey sustaaagodey! khushi taro vishaya en andrey most of ninna favrt moviesu nanna favrt koodaa :D

finally, thanx for those comments maga :)

Srinivas B.P said...

Pathetic idiots ! Bari idhe aaythu ivradhdhu . Collecting money from ppl on such kinda religious things @ office is not at all gud ! Anyways i wonder how come u decided to donate !

Akshay said...

dude, i don think u can take out change from a donation box.......:)
plus that bar-one was for anythi over 100 bucks i think........
i know, i got one......

Sandesh said...

@Nidhi - Thanks!

@i7 - Haudley! Sumaar dina aagiththu chocolate thindu! Nann jothe idd friend gu hanchi naanu thinde! Heege comment maadtha iro! Naanu ninn blog nodtha irtheeni!

@Srinivas - Yes! They are idiots! Dunno what they'll do with the money! Its just for courtesy sake i decided to donate!

@Akshay - Hey! I remember a similar incident in a temple! A guy put 2 rs coin n took back 1 rupee coin! Cudnt stop laughing!

I hesitated to take from th box but i thought as i've donated they dont mind me taking change! Good that you also got a bar-one!

Donald said...

you should have followed up and seen if they really donated it to the orphanage or not.....

Sandesh said...

@Donald - I dunno don! The new year party was following! I cant guarantee that it would have gone to any orphanage! It would have been good if it did go!