Friday, January 12, 2007

Not goin for the New year bash!

Back after a long time!

Its really good to blog after such a long time. Have many things to write in mind but am boringly busy these days with my job. My weekly routine has been fixed! During weekdays, get up @ 8, get ready fo office, start @ 9, reach office @ 10, work out things here even if you dont understand a single thing here! Do some silly thing n make my PL angry, do some rubbish work, start for home @ 9-10, have food, go to sleep!

During the weekends, i'll have many ideas to implement though i dont plan, everything gets upside down! Thats why i wont plan anything! It just flies away! meet friends, hog like anything, enjoy n thats all! Life has becom boringly static for me! No change! Meanwhile, i forward message when i get time!

I'm blogging this freely today as my task is taking time n all my collegues have gone for the new year bash! Stupidity @ its best! Thought of blogging something but no ideas are hitting my brain!

Will blog something interesting soon! Catch up with you soon! ;-)

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