Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Staying back @ office for the second time!

Got some change requests from the client n i'm lazy as usual to complete!

Had to finish the thing within tomorrow afternoon(Dunno how! )

My PL asked me to stay back! I agreed (Dunno what was my mood at that point of time!) n was analysin what to do! As usual, i was not interested in what i was doing but cant help it!

Even my PL knows abt this! We had dinner @ some hotel ( not used to such things! Had it to give company to him! ). I tool curdrice n he took some parota ( crushed one! Kaat style). We discussed abt how i felt being in the team! I openly expressed n he knew my point! I dint hide anything. He said that though you are not interested, you've gotta do the assigned work coz you are paid for it! You are one year expreienced now n cant ask doubts like a fresher! You should be in a position to guide freshers!

I said " I know! Problem lies in me! I was lazy in doing things! I concentrated only on my tasks n dint explore much on the whole project for which i'm now struggling to get a clear picture of the whole."

Striving to get that!

Meanwhile, we returned back n i again started thing i knew dint work! Streched myself till 1 n got a reason to report! He gave a solution n that took long! He said we'll wind up for today n continue tomorrow! Gotta get up by 6:30 n go home! Take a bath n come back with Jagga! Dunno whether i'll be able to do that! Its 1:20 at this instant!

Will check blog abt what happens tomorrow soon!

Good night forthose who are seeing it now n good morning for the wakers!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning for me.

Client requests and late nights will always be there. The most important thing is how much u enjoy what u are doing, atleast trying to enjoy. As your PL said, how u earn your daily beard may not always be enjoyable.